ROM hacking

ROM hacking” is the process of modifying a read-only memory image for various purposes. In this context, it is for the purposes of modifying classic games; with ROM hacking, it’s possible to create custom levels, foes, graphics, and so on.

I first got into the hobby of ROM hacking around the age of 13, when I came across Lunar Magic created by FuSoYa. While randomly searching for Super Mario World videos on YouTube, I started coming across rather bizarre custom levels. Confused, I looked at the comments only to see folks with pitchfork and torches scream “Lunar Magic” everywhere. When I looked up this tool, I eventually ended up at Super Mario World Central that fateful day.

Over the course of many years hacking away at Super Mario World, I’ve slowly learned the assembly language for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in order to do more advanced things with Super Mario World, such as creating custom patches or foes. Eventually, I passed on my knowledge to other folks in the form of two assembly tutorials (books?), which you may find in the subpages of this page.

Nowadays, I don’t ROM hack as much as I used to back then. I still do come up with interesting projects every now and then, though, which I may finish if I’m lucky enough.