“Emulation” is the imitation of an electronic system by using another computer/system. Through SNES emulation, I’ve also discovered “ROM hacking”. “ROM hacking” is the process of modifying a read-only memory image for various purposes. In this context, it is for the purposes of modifying classic games; with ROM hacking, it’s possible to create custom levels, foes, graphics, and so on.

I first got into the hobby of ROM hacking around the age of 13, when I came across Lunar Magic created by FuSoYa. While randomly searching for Super Mario World videos on YouTube, I started coming across rather bizarre custom levels. Confused, I looked at the comments only to see folks mention “Lunar Magic” everywhere. When I looked up Lunar Magic, I eventually ended up at Super Mario World Central.

During the many years of hacking Super Mario World, I also learned the assembly language for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in order to do more advanced things with Super Mario World. With assembly, I could create custom patches or custom enemies. Eventually, I passed on my knowledge to other folks in the form of two assembly tutorials (books?), which you may find in the subpages of this page.

Nowadays, I don’t ROM hack as much as I used to back then. I still do come up with interesting emulation projects every now and then, though.