That one song from your childhood

Here’s a story which happened around September last year which I thought would be interesting to share.

Alstroemeria Records

Around September last year, I was listening to some random Touhou songs made by some circles. You see, despite never having played the Touhou series, I figured the games have a great soundtrack. I did by chance hear some of the music ports hosted on SMW Central, after all. After I looked up the original Touhou soundtracks, I took notice of their unique style, not to mention the huge “Dōjin” music community for Touhou.

At some point I really took a liking to the stuff “Alstroemeria Records” produced. Look at the amount of albums they have. They’ve been busy. Either way, while randomly clicking through one recommended song after another, I happened to come across this one:

Suddenly, the feeling of nostalgia overwhelmed me during the first few seconds. “I could’ve sworn I heard this in my early childhood” I thought to myself. What are the odds of coming across this song among all of the things they’ve produced, inducing a feeling of serious nostalgia? I then looked at the release date of this song: 20th of May, 2007.

There are 2 distinct associations I have with that sample in the opening of the song:

  • I remember it from my childhood, let’s say around the age of 10, and;
  • The sample kept repeating over and over again.

I thought 2007 is too recent. That’s 12 years ago and I was 15 back then. I would hardly call it “my childhood” at that point, so I decided to look further.

Reading the comments, I was lucky to come across a comment mentioning that the opening of the song sounded like “ARASHI – FACE DOWN”. Now there is a lead! Looking up that song back then hardly brought up any results on YouTube as the song kept being taken down. Copyright, I imagine. Apparently YouTube finally decided to autogenerate that song last month, so here it is in its 1080p, correct-pitch, no-camcorder-pointed-at-a-tube-television-glory:

The song is catchy I have to admit, even though I have no clue what they’re saying. Then I looked at the release date of this song. The video description says May 9th, 2012. I was far from being a child at that point, so that song couldn’t be it as well. Many of the uploaded “Face Down” videos had no leads in the comments for similar-sounding songs so I thought I hit a dead end.

Enter content ID

I don’t remember when exactly this happened, but at some point YouTube started displaying detected content below videos, including sounds. On one of the many “Face Down” videos, I came across the following detected content ID:

“Plana” by Jeff Gold. I looked it up on YouTube and indeed, that song also has the sample. Here’s a link to the video rather than an embed because the static image used in the video is not exactly safe for work in my opinion. A quick Google search suggests that it got released in 2011. Still too recent.

This song also had a content ID match:

And it gave me this song:

According to this source, this song got released in 2008. It’s 1 year after the Alstroemeria Records song release, so this result isn’t satisfying either.

The content ID match gave me an idea.

Enter audio search

At this point I was somewhat desperate, so I turned to audio searching. I was trying various audio search engines and I didn’t really keep track of which ones I’ve tried. I think I tried one as a Chrome extension and had to hold my headphones at max volume right in front of my condenser microphone. It provided me with one miracle of a result: “Shane ‘n Roon – Never”.

This result was satisfying enough, as this video matches my association of the sample continuously repeating. The year is the same as that Alstroemeria Records song, but there is a catch with this result: The video description is also partially German. It could mean that I maybe heard this in Germany somewhere, as I frequently visited my uncles there when I was a kid. Maybe I heard it on the radio or elsewhere, I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that this is the closest match to what I remember.

What on Earth is this sample?

So far, I went through 5 songs with a sample that got reused multiple times and at this point it makes me wonder what its true origin is. It’s not the first time a sample is being reused in the music industry. A good example is the “Woo! Yeah!“-sample which got even used in the rather infamous Action 52 for the NES. It makes me wonder what this sample in particular officially is called, or if it has a name at all.

While writing this post, I came across two more songs using this sample:

I’m just going to leave it at this, before I go down even deeper into this rabbit hole.

I’d laugh if it turns out to be some super famous sample and I simply didn’t know about it.

A brief history of this domain’s hosting

Here’s a little bit of history about the hosting of this domain.


For the longest time, the files of this domain were hosted on Kieran Menor‘s server, “Caffie”. I would like to thank him for allowing me to host my files on his server. Recently I had to move my files to a new host as Caffie finally got decommissioned.

Raspberry Pi 4B

I decided to set up a LEMP stack on my brand-new Raspberry Pi 4B. It took me an entire weekend to have it set up; I had no experience with Linux and with some guidance from p4plus2 I managed to set up a server with multiple sub-domains.

After that, some pages required fixing. For example, required migration from mysql to mysqli so I had to go through all the source code files. I also locked down all forms because I don’t intend to use that page anymore, so it’s essentially archived.

This blog also required a bit of updating, as the menu was outdated and I was missing the most recent post so I had to publish that again.

It had worked out quite well: This blog could be served to the internet without any problems, and my connection could handle the minimal/nonexistent amount of incoming traffic. I also didn’t have any huge files hosted anywhere so bandwidth wouldn’t be a problem. Finally, the Raspberry Pi uses minimal amount of electricity (compared to traditional desktop computers) so having this makeshift mini-server running wouldn’t cost me a lot either.

You know, back in the days on SMW Central’s IRC server, I sometimes used to joke about Kieran tripping over the server cables when Caffie (and consequently, SMW Central) went down.

This week, karma decided to come after me: My cat tripped over the cables of the Raspberry Pi 4B, having it plummet mercilessly to its inevitable demise, corrupting the contents of the SD card on the 28th of November.

I should’ve seen this coming.

I should’ve made backups of this setup.

I should’ve known that cats could reach the unreachable.

Thankfully I still had the files I had backed up from the now long gone Caffie, although at this point they were severely outdated; the files were over 6 months old. I couldn’t get my Raspberry Pi 4B to work again so I decided that I should settle for a stable, permanent solution while lamenting my carelessness.

The Cloud™

Introducing The Cloud™:

Who knew this video would be so very relevant today?

I decided to rent a Virtual Private Server (VPS) during a Black Friday discount and once again set up my LEMP stack there. I had to go through the same “fixing” process like I had with my Raspberry Pi 4B. This time around, I did make a backup of all my files after setting up my LEMP stack.

A VPS is essentially an isolated virtual machine hosted in a datacenter somewhere. By renting a VPS rather than hosting my own machine in my own house, I’m relieved of several burdens:

  • Electricity costs
  • Hardware costs
  • Procuring suitable hardware and software
  • Ensuring server availability (internet, power)
  • Physical presence (noise, heat, placement of the server)
  • Cat-proofing the server (physical security)
  • General maintenance of the hardware and software

I remember that years ago, one would have to rent a ‘webserver’ where you were completely reliant on the host. I remember that the host of SMW Central actually took SMW Central offline because it had “too much traffic”, hence the birth of Caffie. An excerpt from SMW Central’s IRC logs:, #smwc

[00:28] <Smallhacker> it was our host before they decided that our website got too much fucking traffic
[00:28] <Smallhacker> so they shut down our hosting, which is why Kieran hosts it himself nowadays

Now there are all sorts of services you can rent for various purposes. And when I look at the datacenters of tech giants, such as Microsoft, AWS and Google, I feel like hosting solutions have come a long way. Datacenters are truly a very impressive piece of work.