About me

I’m Ersanio.

Back in the days, I used to modify Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo as a hobby. I picked up programming in the process. With the experience I have gained, I made various tools, patches as well as assembly tutorials to make Super Mario World hacking a better experience for everyone else.

Nowadays, I’m a software engineer. Throughout my study, work and free time, I’ve learned various programming languages, techniques and frameworks, such as C#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML & CSS, PHP, Angular and the concept of assembly languages. I also know some basics of Microsoft Azure, such as Azure Functions, Azure IoT Hub and Azure Storage. Other items I’d currently like to add to that list are React, Next.js and Rust.

I made this blog to share my various work, ideas, and thoughts (not just restricted to emulation) for the whole world to see. It could also serve as a tool to see how much I’ve progressed over the past, provided that I actually post regularly.

My avatar (Munchzilla III) is a “muncher” drawn by Broozer from SMWCentral, around the time where floating munchers were still a fresh meme over there.

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