About me

I’m Ersanio.

Back in the days, I used to ROM hack Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo as a hobby. I picked up programming in the process. With the experience I have gained, I made various tools, patches as well as assembly tutorials to make Super Mario World hacking a better experience for everyone else.

Nowadays, I’m a software engineer. Throughout my study, work and free time, I’ve learned various programming languages and techniques, such as C#, Java, JavaScript, basic HTML & CSS, Python, PHP and the concept of assembly languages. Other languages and techniques I’d currently like to add to that list are TypeScript, Rust and Angular.

I made this blog to share my various work, ideas, and thoughts (not just restricted to emulation) for the whole world to see. It could also serve as a tool to see how much I’ve progressed over the past, provided that I actually post regularly.

My avatar (Munchzilla III) is a “muncher” drawn by Broozer from SMWCentral, around the time where floating munchers were still a fresh meme over there.

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