ROM Hacking

ROM hacking is the process of modifying a read-only memory (ROM) file, generally for the purpose of altering a game’s graphics, levels, dialogues, and so on.

I first discovered ROM hacking around the age of 14 when I came across YouTube videos showcasing modified Super Mario World levels. This game was one of my childhood-favourites and got me curious how new levels could be made in this game. After reading the comments of these videos, most of them mentioned “Lunar Magic” – an editor made for Super Mario World by FuSoYa.

By hacking Super Mario World , I’ve learned the 65c816 assembly language of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which in turn introduced me to the world of programming in general. During the time I was ROM hacking, I’ve created many things for both Super Mario World and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in general.

You can view these creations in the sub-pages.