More activity soon?

It appears that in my current semester, for the programming class, we have to learn a new programming language. What’s more, we actually have to blog about our progress in learning the new language and basically “making it our own” as the instructor put it. I assume the blogging will be done on another platform but if English is allowed, I’ll just copypaste it over to this blog. For now, I suppose this is blog post 0.

We’re following this book called Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce A. Tate, and the book introduces the following languages: Ruby, Io, Prolog, Scala, Erlang, Clojure, and Haskell. From what I understand, we need to pick one of these.

Now, to be honest, I haven’t looked into most of them – just Ruby and Haskell, and the impression I have so far is that Ruby’s syntax looks really simple, and Haskell’s syntax made my brain grind to a stop. I absolutely have no clue about the rest. I’ll have to continue reading the book and look into the remaining languages next week.

Aside from the aforementioned languages, I’m also interested in Python, Rust, and C#. Python seems simple and fun to learn. Rust also seems interesting to me because it actually has a good following and the syntax looks readable. To be perfectly honest though, I haven’t looked into their practical uses yet.

Finally, C# also interests me but I can’t really put it in the list of languages I’d like to learn for this course – I already know quite a bit about C# as it’s my go-to language when I program in my free time. I even use it in the programming course despite the course being made for Java.